Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Working Together

We had a garage sale ourselves several weeks ago. About two weeks ago I got around to calling the Salvation Army. They refused most of our stuff. We had two bikes, both of which needed to be cleaned up and one needed a new tire. We had a dining room table in fair to good condition. The table was beautifully refinished but the chairs were a bit dinged because we hadn't refinished them. Still the wood was solid and they were something that could be used for many years. We had a perfectly decent desk chair. Salvation Army wouldn't take them.

They said that the SA had had to dump too much stuff in the landfills and couldn't afford to keep taking everything. What I don't understand about this is the fact that this is a national organization. I realize that the people in my local neighborhood that are likely to visit my store, may not want this stuff. But what about other parts of the US. How is it that they don't have some place where they can sort of decide what areas need bicycles or tables? How is it that they don't seem to have a central area? Some areas do take these items, but not others.

This seems like this is a large organization that could work together better. I think that's a metaphor for what a lot of us go through. We each have things. But we can't always reach those people or places we need to. Instead of reaching out to others who are like minded or maybe don't even seem like minded to spread our influence or our abilities, we let them pass by and toss them out. We need to start using our resources, spiritual and physical.