Friday, August 19, 2005

Begining to Create Peace

I keep reading that we bring peace to the world if we bring peace to ourselves. Deepak Chopra’s latest book was on creating peace and creating a greater awareness of being peaceful within one’s own self to help bring peace to the world.

The Dalai Lama has said this over and over again. He speaks more of compassion and the understanding that we are all human. We all have common fears, though they may look different on the surface—just like we each look different on the surface. Yet underneath, we are all alike. We must have compassion for our fellow humans, he says, because at root we are all alike and we need to understand that if we are ever to achieve peace.

It may seem as if this is an impossible dream. We are so far from peace. Yet each time we find ourselves at peace with each other, we make a tiny dent in the world that is at war with itself. If we can acknowledge that peacefulness inside ourselves, perhaps we make a tiny bit bigger dent in the chaos of the world.

If everyone who reads this would make one tiny change today in the way they react. If even only one time instead of being angry with someone for something done or undone, if each person could just stop and think and perhaps consider the mistake an honest one and move on, leaving only peace behind, perhaps we will make more than just a tiny dent. Certainly we should exercise good judgment and not let ourselves in for physical injury, but for those small annoyance, someone is cut off in traffic for instance, instead of letting that make us angry, just assume that your car was in that person’s blind spot, wish them a safe journey and continue on your way.