Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I find that as my life is turned topsy turvy with a move that my greatest attachment is to my routine. I haven't blogged in around a week and I'm sort of forcing this on myself. I used to blog daily on Monday through Thursday with some Fridays and Sundays thrown in. I would look forward to it. Now I wonder what to write.

I wonder what my routine will look like in a month. As my work is slow as I rebuild my business, I wonder what my days will look like and how will I be productive? How will I "earn" my keep up here?

No routine, meditation is catch as catch can. I have not set aside time for it. In my impromptu world, walking has taken a big place because that gets me out of the house and away from the boxes that need to be unpacked! It gives me some time to think.

I used to love to read everyone's blog. Now I sort of force myself. There's so many other things to do but I hate to be "out of touch," yet I have lost touch with many of my favorites.

To be unattached should be to work well without routines, yet I have a hard time finding places for all that I want to do without one! Where does it all fit? Not having a routine does make me realize how attached to the very idea I am!