Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We are all heros

Each week I get the Debbie Ford newsletter. She writes it for making this the best year of your life, which is the title of her latest book. Within that, she is talking about how our painful emotions are often ways of guiding us to do those things we think we can't do.

Debbie says in this week's newsletter:

There is a hero alive in each one of us. Heroes focus on what can be done rather than what wasn't done. Heroes take themselves out of their comfort zone in order to make someone else comfortable. Heroes open up their homes and their hearts to those in need. Heroes make sacrifices so that we can all grow and evolve. Today one small choice, one action, can make you someone else's hero. Click here

This is perhaps something we can all think about, as our hearts go out to the people of the Gulf Coast. Is there something more that we can do? We don't need to be doctors or rescue workers. We can just be people who are working to our highest potential. We can be bloggers guiding people to information places, linking to important sites. We can be outspoken critics. We can help rescue workers in our area get to the Gulf. We can walk dogs for the shelters who need assistance. We can all be heros. We just need to use our talents to their highest potential.

There are several other Debbie Ford Sites:

Debbie Ford
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Honoring our Differences

I know that I am mostly promoting looking at how we are all alike. We need to recognize our similarities in a world where we are constantly divided by our differences. Yet we are different as well as alike. We all have talents that not everyone has. Some people are peacekeepers and others fight for what they believe in. Some people have a way with words and others don't know what to write.

Everyone has talents. Often the world around them may seem to not recognize those talents and as a result these people don't shine their brightest. We are used to noticing talent on a large scale. We notice athletes. We notice actors and actresses. We notice people who can make lots of money for their corporations. We need to notice the talents of those to offer a helping hand at just the right time. We need to notice the talent of another to teach the children. We need to notice the talent of those who show us how to be, rather than to do.

In realizing the sameness of our desires and drives and fears, we must also honor the unique ways in which each of us creates the life around us and honor that. Diversity is amazing and awesome when viewed from this perspective.