Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I find that as my life is turned topsy turvy with a move that my greatest attachment is to my routine. I haven't blogged in around a week and I'm sort of forcing this on myself. I used to blog daily on Monday through Thursday with some Fridays and Sundays thrown in. I would look forward to it. Now I wonder what to write.

I wonder what my routine will look like in a month. As my work is slow as I rebuild my business, I wonder what my days will look like and how will I be productive? How will I "earn" my keep up here?

No routine, meditation is catch as catch can. I have not set aside time for it. In my impromptu world, walking has taken a big place because that gets me out of the house and away from the boxes that need to be unpacked! It gives me some time to think.

I used to love to read everyone's blog. Now I sort of force myself. There's so many other things to do but I hate to be "out of touch," yet I have lost touch with many of my favorites.

To be unattached should be to work well without routines, yet I have a hard time finding places for all that I want to do without one! Where does it all fit? Not having a routine does make me realize how attached to the very idea I am!


Blogger Rebecca said...

Routines are helpful but, at the same time, limiting. We like them because life become orderly and we feel that we are accomplishing things. But when we get stuck in routines, we forget to forge new roads and explore new facets of life. I feel the same way about blogging lately as you do. It feels like a chore rather than a pleasure. Part of the problem is that, like you, my life has been placed in a space of chaos that demands me to break my routine and follow new roads. I keep trying to keep in touch with the blogging world and my friend bloggers. I am thinking that it might be like a cycle where there are lows and highs. I do not dump my blog because it does help me to write in it and interact with folks on many issues. Most bloggers are forgiving of absences though, so just do as you can. Peace, R

8:58 AM  
Blogger glenda said...

I somehow found this lovely blog on a rainy Mother's Day. Thanks!

1:10 PM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

THank you both for you words. It does keep me going when I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with life and not finding things to write about

3:32 PM  

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