Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Are You Doing

I am appalled at where my country is going. I feel like I should blog more but then I can't even think where to start. How do I maintain my peace in the face of this fear that lurks?

It's an interesting question. We must still find those ways that create peace for us--whether it is prayer, meditation, a circle or a walk in the woods. We also need to speak out.

As a child I often wondered how the entire country of Germany could be fooled by the man that Hitler was. How did he come to power? I know now. It wasn't that they all didn't see it. Those who did were quietly silenced in a muriad of different ways. The nation was divided. No doubt those who understood what was happening felt alone. Often they left their world to move to another country. Or they stayed quiet and helped as best they can.

The US hasn't not become this government but we are walking that road. The pundits accuse the NY Times of treason, yet they are supposed to be a free press. If a free press has to determine what will and will not make a government look good, then how free are they? If we don't have a free press, then how does anyone get to the truth of the matter? How does anyone make their own informed decision?

I used to dream of being a journalist until I grew old enough to realize I didn't have what it took to ask the hard questions. I've been a librarian. Free speech is an issue near and dear to my heart. A free country is obligated to offer access to a variety of information for everyone.

Our freedom of speech and of information is eroding. The question is, how far down this slippery slope will allow it to slide? When we will wake up and do something? Let's hope it's not too late.

This may not seem like a peaceful post. Sometimes we have to take action. Sometimes the only way to peace is looking at the issue and seeing it for what it is and not what we wish it were. At that point we can take the action that brings us the greatest peace.


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