Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hate Talk

I was listening to Air America this morning. They were talking about a pundit who said something very rude. I found it offensive that they even repeated it. I have to wonder, why do we listen to those who are rude? Why do we keep trying to make them listen to us? Sometimes it seems we only give them credibility. I don't mean that we have to allow them all the airwaves and sit back and shut up, but why do we attempt to make these people see reason? Is it not pride or hubris on our part to think that after everyone else that we will be the one to make them see reason?

I think a nice "How nice that you think that," and walk away and restate our case would be appropriate. I realize that they are yelling loudly and it would be nice if their mothers or fathers would set them aside for a time out, but does this mean that we have to yell more loudly. We can only keep working and keep speaking our truth. Let's not fall to their level and do we have to keep giving them more publicity?

There's a reason I've kept this vague. I don't want to give this person more publicity for saying hateful things. Let's settle down and talk about something that isn't so hateful for a change.


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