Monday, March 27, 2006

A bit Unusual

Okay this post will be a bit unusual. Last weekend I watched that movie V for Vendetta. It was one of those choices that happened because nothing else looked interesting. I've been surpised not to see much about it on the blogs--even the entertainment ones.

We quite liked it. I found it interesting because V is obviously a terrorist, yet he's a sympathetic character. To watch the film, you sort of want him to succeed, even though that means blowing up a building. I think it's an interesting portrait of the individual versus the larger government.

It made me think about what do we fear the most: the men with bombs can only kill us but the government policing our thoughts can cause us to exist inside a box so small we have no authentic self beyond that which the government allows. We seem to fear death more yet, in the latter case aren't we selling our soul for existance? So why do we make that choice?


Blogger yash gupta said...

I have read about that movie first on your blog. I`ll definately watch it...a terrorist who is sympethetic sounds unique

1:43 PM  

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