Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Skiing Peacefully

I love skiing. It's relaxing for me. I find that I enjoy it more alone. I love skiing with friends close to my level but most of them ski slightly better than I do and it is stressful to feel like I have to keep up. I wasn't feeling real well yesterday and so although I had fun today, I wasn't skiing my best. I was slow. That bothered me and my legs hurt because I was struggling and not in my best form.

Skiing reminds me that sometimes you have to let go and trust something other than yourself. I remind myself of that on some favorite hills. I know them so well that I just let go and my legs don't hurt and I don't fall and I don't go to fast. I am trusting my skis to do what they were designed to do and myself that I am up to the challenges ahead. It's when I try to hard that I work too hard and then I get tired to quickly and easily.

I learn a lot skiing and perhaps that's why I love it. It's a metaphor sometimes for how we can take life. It's a single person "sport." We can all win at this one. We just need to finish.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Bonnie, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog lately as much as you have. I am sorry that I have not been more available in the blog sphere lately but life has been crazy. Take care and keep up the peace! R

6:54 AM  

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