Monday, March 20, 2006

Our Community

Yesterday there was a post at Bring it On about the three year anniversary of the Iraqi war. In the discussion, someone said something about not knowing anyone who was hurt by this and that there are people who play up the drama for their own political ends. A woman who posts there pointed out that she had been hurt by this war and told a bit more of her story.

It made me think about community and our connection to others. The internet is so often faceless and rather nameless. I don't know this woman other than by the name she uses online to post comments. She could live down the street from me and I'd never know. She could live thousands of miles from me. She is part of my community though. She's a fellow blogger and blog surfer and she comments on many of the same issues that I have commented on.

The internet may feel faceless but the people we "meet" and interact with online are people and we become a sort of community.

If anyone in our immediate community suffers, we should all look out for that person. We should work on helping. Compassion begins with those closest to us. This woman is part of my community because I frequent Bring It On. If you are reading my blog, then you are part of my community and by extension, hers. This woman is hurt by this war. Her family has been torn apart and maybe it's just a few months or perhaps years but each day she knows, there could be a call that will change her life forever.

The media has ignored the price of this war. The media has been ignoring it's impact. We are community and we know the impact. This woman's pain is our shared pain because she is part of our community. Next time you think that this war hasn't effected you, then think again. Your community has felt pain because of it. We are all connected... (no pun intended)


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