Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Perfect First?

I am watching my soon to be former office mate in her search for the perfect person to fill my space when I move to another city. At first she thought she had found the perfect person. That didn't work out. Since then, though, there have been several other promising leads on people that might work out better for her in the long run than the first person.

I wonder how often we jump at what seems to be a perfect first chance and then hold onto that idea even after we know that it can't possibly work. We keep trying to make it work and become increasingly frustrated and unhappy. It's hard to break out and say no this doesn't feel as right for me as it did in the beginning and I have to change my mind. Still, I think sometimes we need to listen to that voice.

How often have we held on to a job because we didn't know what else to do? How often have we stayed in a relationship long after it should have ended because it was still serving one person in the relationship? I think we all do this from time to time and I have to admire my office mate in her ability to listen to her internal self and go with what seems right for her at the moment.

I know that it's a bit scary to not have someone renting those rooms, but at the same time I have no doubt that she will find the perfect person to rent from her.


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