Friday, February 17, 2006

What feels right?

I am finding it interesting those things on which I trust my gut and how I tend to trust sources that are more intuitive than those that are "logical".

I am making a decision on working with a company. One company is very large and very solid and most people give them good marks. Everyone referred me to them. I worked with them and had a negative experience, though it was a different department then how I would be working with them now. I also interviewed a small company that aren't very well known. They gave me references which were good. I am inclined to go with the smaller company to try them out, though I worry that I am making a mistake because everyone knows this other company. My head keeps saying the other company is a known quality and I should go there. My heart says: take a risk and go with the small company. I, myself, run a small company and I know how hard it is to compete with a big competitor.

It's interesting to see what I trust and watch what goes through my mind as I attempt to make this decision.

I notice too that in other decisions, I am making them based less on what I know and more on what I feel. I had an acupuncture treatment today and the person has not treated me before but appreciated that I went with how something felt instead of letting the movement scare me. Sometimes knowing how things feel is important.

I'm sure I didn't make this point very well. In summary I am thinking back on my week and realizing how much I have let myself FEEL my way through life. I think we need to balance feeling our way through life and using our brains, but it's also important to know what feels right for each of us. We can't let ourselves be "afraid of the movement" so to speak. Next time it feels right, maybe the risk is worth taking.


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