Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meaningless Middle Ground

I got a comment on my "Competition to Be Right" article but then it was removed. I still got it as an email. The writer, who obviously did not want to be identified called "a middle ground" (ie compromise) meaningless.

I'd like to address the issue of "meaningless middle ground." The importance of the middle is that it includes everyone, not just half the country or less. It includes those people who don't even know that they have rights. It includes humanity as a connected whole. Middle ground requires an overview of compassion because it realizes that the needs of the many are just as important as the needs of the one.

We are blessed with the mental capacity to think and make decisions and come to conclusions on our own. We are morally obligated to work as community for the best for all. We do not all arrive at the same conclusions and see eye to eye. Some ideas are wonderful but there will never ever be a time when everyone agrees. If we see the middle ground as meaningless then we are essentially saying that the greater community of humanity is meaningless and only our needs are important.

The middle ground is often frustrating. We do not have the right to say it is our way and only our way. We are morally obligated to work for the improvement of everyone. We do this through compassionate service to all. We do this realizing that when everyone is feeling good and doing well, so will we. To cut ourselves off from the rest of humanity and to say their needs are meaningless and shouldn't count is like saying that the needs of our right arm or our left leg are meaningless and don't count.

Let's end with this meditation prayer: May all sentient beings find happiness and [more importantly to me] find the source of all happiness.


Blogger James said...

I had no problem at all being "identified" since I put my name and a link back to my blog. Since you got the comment via e-mail sned it back to me at rightface@cox-internet.com and I'll be happy to repost it so my words can be seen in context.

James @ Right Face!

2:16 PM  
Blogger MSchannon said...

You've picked up on a theme I've been seeing more and more in the blogosphere, viz. a rejection of the waging ideologists standing firm and tall on their mountains catapaulting fireballs at each other.

There's room and reason for ideology, but not when it blinds one to reason or causes cauliflower to grow in one's ears.

Some praise the middle-way Eastern religions preach. I'm a fan of the dialectic: thesis, antithesis, leading to new thesis, new antithesis, etc. It requires that both sides accept that truth, whatever it is, can best be approach through mutual respect for person and ideas.

Anyway, nice post & good site!

10:59 AM  

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