Monday, February 13, 2006

Coming Back

Coming back I found several things going on. I got several comments. Thanks for the visits. An interesting comment was from zen unbound who told me about a blog called blogmandu. Apparently they mentioned Creating Peace in there the other day. I want to thank them for that.

Blogmandu is a metablog with updates on English language discussion on blogs about Buddhism. I'm honored to be included in their watch list.

Rebecca over at Death and Taxes gave me a nice plug as well. I think that if I get to mentions over a weekend I'm gone, perhaps I ought to take more time off and just go have fun. Perhaps the universe wants me to ski daily rather than blog daily?

Finally, to something that gave me a laugh the other day. I had a comment from a woman that said my blog was on a list of blogs considered "in the wrong". Some right wing blogs were "in the right." The thing that made me laugh is that most of my favorite political left wing blogs (that are far more "wrong" than this!) were not listed. I think they all deserve a list:

Bring It On is my latest favorite with much political discussion from many different writers. If you've managed to miss this one and you have an interest in US politics, check it out.

The Bulldog Manifesto continues to be a favorite. There was a ski run called Bulldog and while I don't like blacks, I wanted to make a run down it just to tell the Bulldog I had. However, I was riding up with the ski patrol that time and they told me it was the hardest run there--and I'm a whimpy skier.

Common Sense has also grabbed my attention. I used to find that I didn't have the patience for Ken's posts as they are long and very well thought out and thought provoking. However, I've become rather addicted and look for new posts regularly.

I've also been enjoying The Upper Left. It has a lot of general posts about politics and he also has some commentary on political issues that affect the state of Washington.

Who Hijacked Our Country is another blog that I've been reading a lot lately. He's had some interesting discussion and commentary on there as well. As always, I often find good reading in the sidebar links to others!

Keep up the good work everyone.


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