Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coretta Scott King

I wanted to mention and honor the passing of Coretta Scott King. I have always heard about her in conjunction with her husband, Martin Luther King Jr. Yet reading other posts honoring this woman yesterday and reading the articles they link to, I am amazed at what she has done on her own and in her own name.

It is sad sometimes to be a child while history is in the making. You are too young to understand at age five what the civil rights movement meant, yet you are so close to that history that by the time such information roles around 10 years later in high school history, the school year has ended and you hear only that there was, indeed, a civil rights movement.

Yahoo news finishes their story with the following quote from Coretta Scott King that seems appro for our times today:

"Many despair at all the evil and unrest and disorder in the world today," she preached, "but I see a new social order and I see the dawn of a new day."


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