Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We the People

I've been called a blog that has political observations and I want to talk about that issue. Creating peace is about creating peace inside ourselves first and letting that move throughout the world. I feel it's important to talk about political issues as in the US the government is BY the people. I, as a citizen of the US, along with everyone else who is also a citizen (by birth or naturalized) is the government. We can't all just go and sit in on meetings as that would be difficult, so we hold elections and allow other people to represent out interests.

Having compassion for all sentient beings is an important part of what creates peace inside of me. Alone I can help perhaps one other person. However, if I elect other like minded people who can create programs that are compassionate in nature, many more people can be assisted by that compassionate outreach. Certainly I can also (and do) choose to be involved in non-political organizations because of the service they offer to other sentient beings.

A government by the people, of which I am one, means the government is an extension of who I am. I need to be part of that and work on making it reflect who I am. I have to realize that I can't always get exactly what I want because the government, like the world, is made up of many other human beings who have different feelings and beliefs. The most important thing is to approach the compromises that are required with as much compassion as possible.

To not be involved in a government made up of the people of the nation is chosing to stand outside and not be part of your world. We all have an important place and a part to play in the world. We need to realize that we too should be reflected in the larger institutions. If we don't want to be reflected, then perhaps we need to look inside and find out why we are making that choice.

It is for these reasons that I believe it is important to take a stand in both national and world events and to respond with compassion. It's not always easy. Now, having talked about government, I'll be moving on to nature and our living spaces, but that's a blog article for another day.


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