Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not Enough Time

I feel hurried tonight. I've had a busy day and I just want to post so that I can say I did and then run off and maybe try and meditate. Yet my mind is racing and I have no idea what to say.

I'm posting that train of thought as I consider that taking time before allowing myself the sleep that I crave will help settle that scattered spirit. Getting much of what needed to be done gives a sense of satisfaction but the fact that it's late and the laundry is still not complete just makes me feel hurried and harried and certainly not very peaceful.

In an ideal world I could stop to reflect on the wonderful things that are falling into my life right now and be thankful, but because of the hurry with the Thanksgiving Holiday coming, I feel like I have to put that off for another day. Ironic, huh? Still as I write in this blog, something that I really enjoy and, let's face it, I am an addict, I can say I wish I had more time to slow down and savor those wonderful things in my life.

Time. It's the most precious thing. How many times do we each spend days like I did today, running from one thing to another, feeling unable to take time out to savor the moment in mindfulness? How do we get ourselves into this trap? It seems like it happens more and more. Is there really that much more to do or do we expect ourselves to accomplish more and more in the same amount of time? I wonder about that.

For now, I have a bit of time before the laundry finishes and I can put it away and go to bed, to sit and reflect and be thankful for the changes taking place in my life right now and watch them unfold. Tomorrow I might be a bit tired, but there looks to be a bit more time to just rest. Besides, tonight I should meet my needs in the now and let tomorrow worry about itself.


Blogger stargazer said...

"Is there really that much more to do or do we expect ourselves to accomplish more and more in the same amount of time?"

Great question; I think a lot of us are caught up with this belief that we are not doing enough in an allotted amount of time. What are we rushing to do that is so important? I bet if people sat back and really thought about it, they would realize they are putting too much pressure on themselves.

I quit a job that was no longer enjoyable for me. Yes, at one time I remember actually liking what I did. That was gone, and for years I dreaded going to work. Now, I'm back to enjoying life, and appreciating life around me.

Good blog :-)

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