Friday, November 18, 2005

Expectations and Attachments

My office was burglarized the other day. The person who broke in only took the cash and that was less than $150, so we didn't loose much but our sense of peace and safety.

It's interesting how difficult it is to bring that back. I think this goes back to something I spoke about earlier about expectations. When we have an expectation that isn't met, we are frustrated and that brings about a lack of personal peace. So here we had this expectation that our building was safe and that people shouldn't take stuff that doesn't belong to them and that wasn't met. So now we are trying to find out what the boundaries are of what we can expect.

However I wonder if it's better to have no expectations. I mean if we expect to be burlarized every few years or something and that we can't stop them, then we are setting ourselves up for a burglary from time to time. This is not to say we would be disappointed if it didn't happen but we might act in ways that would make our office easier to victimize. If we expect that it will never happen, then we are hurt and upset if it does. With no expectations of the outcome, then at least we are open to never being burglarized again but also are prepared if the event does occur.

We are working on some new security measures. We have been using the mantra of we can't stop someone who really wants to break in but we can make our office as undesirable as possible (for a theif). We'll also be doing an energetic clearing when we can get together. The holidays coming up make that a bit more difficult than we would like but with any luck the group can gather.

It's tough to work on not having expectations but I think expectations are just another word for attachment. We expect an outcome and so we are attached to that outcome even if we shouldn't be. I guess I need to work on what my expectations are if I expect... err.. hope to overcome my attachments!


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