Monday, November 14, 2005

Movement and Change

We like things to be predictable and we like to think that things stay the same, but really--when do they?

We are constantly changing. Look at the seasons. We don't try and hold onto summer when the weather changes. Well maybe we do. I like to ski so I don't, but even so at the end of winter I am ready for spring. The Earth keeps turning and doesn't allow us to hold onto seasons even if we want to. The Earth doesn't hold back and keep the seasons from changing.

I'm using that analogy because we don't enter into a state of peace and then never leave it. We may only have fleeting moments of that perfect peace but it is our striving that is important. Often the most beautiful places in the world seasons that are in stark contrast to one another. It allows us to experience the full range of what the universe can provide. When we can see that we can see it's wonderful. We each have preferences but none of us gets to stay in that one perfect season forever.

When I talk about creating peace by starting with ourselves, this is an energetic idea. Energy flows. We must allow things to move on and then allow other things to move into our lives. We must also remember to allow emotions to move through us, some of which are decidly unpeaceful. If we focus on peace, we'll stay closer to that point but there will always be changes and places that we stray. It's not straying that creates a problem. It's believing we can never come back to peace.


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