Monday, November 21, 2005

Going with the Flow

I am in the process of making a major real estate purchase. I do watch astrology and I know that right now mercury is retrograde. For those who don't know astrology, mercury retrograde tends to be a time when misunderstanding occur and miscommunication seems to happen more frequently than at other times during the year.

I've had several reversals and things that are being changed about the transaction during this process. Lots of paperwork has been late and there have been several misunderstandings that were easily cleared up. It is in my nature to want things to go smoothly but fortunately I had this astrological warning and so everytime something comes up that means a major change in thinking, I remind myself that things don't usually go as smoothly with mercury retrograde and just go with it. When it goes direct the right thing will show up.

I should remind myself of this more often, as I have this trust that the flow will bring me to the right purchase in a way that I am not often inclined to believe. I think this is wonderful. I wish I could package my current attitude for the future, but perhaps I can at least look back and remember this particular lesson of mercury retrograde.


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