Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hope and Cynicism

I heard a radio advertisement while driving the other day. It was for a Church. Their advertising was that if we were tired of cynicism, then we could try hope, which they would provide.

I liked their marketing.

It seems like we often do feel very cynical lately. What can we do to change things? It seems like the problems facing the world are too big for just one person. When we think that and believe it, we loose hope and become cynics.

It's time to bring back hope. Realistic hope, not false hope, but hope is important all the same. We need to keep hoping for things to be better than they are and taking action to create those changes. It seem like it's a feeble attempt in the face of overwhelming problems and disasters but it's important to keep hope and to keep working and doing what needs to be done.

Today, let's all remember what it is to hope.


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