Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An example

I read a post on a blog while I was surfing Blog Explosion this afternoon. I hope that the person who owns it may actually read this so I can link to his blog. I believe it was called A Year of Success. I am not certain.

I mention this blog, with all my uncertainties, because I loved the principle of it. He is working on doing something to make at least one person's life a little easier or better every single day for the next year. I think that's a wonderful goal and way of interacting with the world. What a womderful way to create peace within and without.

I found myself thinking of that blog when confronted by a task at work that wasn't my job to do. I could have left it undone, but found myself doing the small bit of cleanup around this job because it would make the life of our office manager a bit easier when she came in the next morning. As I did that I had to wonder if other people, inspired by this man's (I *think* it's a man, but I could be wrong) writing and idea, were also going out and making a point now and then to do something that would make another person's life a little easier.

Isn't it interesting then to think how we can be of influence to those around us? If we live from compassion then our influence is compassion. If it is kindness, then it is kindness. If we live from a place of hatred, then we influence hatred. I hope that I can continue to work from a greater place of compassion and loving kindness and hope that such an example can inspire a few others to do the same.


Blogger Chandira said...

Yes. I read your blog once in a while when I see you on blog explosion, you always have something good to say, and I dig that. You are affecting other people too. Keep up the good work.


9:01 AM  
Blogger Blast aka Bill Gray said...

Hi Bonnie,

Yes you are right, my blog is "A Year to Success"

The idea being that if you concentrated on taking steps every day towards success (whatever that means to you) you would be a good deal better off than if you didn't. Although I have been a bit slack on the blogging recently, the aim is still there and, hey, its great to meet people such as yourself to keep me on track

cheers... Bill

6:28 AM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

Bill, when I check your blogger profile I don't see the year to success blog. Can you comment on the http: address so I can link to it? I found all your other websites, but that one wasn't listed on your blog list. It's a good idea too!

8:28 AM  

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