Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Fifth Sacred Thing

I have been thinking about this book for a few days so I thought I would write on it. Starhawk wrote a book called the The Fifth Sacred Thing many years ago. It's fiction and it's a favorite of mine. It is set in the near future where corporations control the price of water. We explore this world through the eyes of Bird and find out how people live in that world. The second part of the story involves Bird finding himself back at his home, in San Francisco. San Francisco is a utopia of sorts where people of all religions and races live together peacefully and coexist with the earth. Of course, those in the other areas of California have decided to annex this island of sanity to their insane world. As a pacifist, Starhawk put much thought into the idea of passive resistance and what might happen.

I'm not sure that her vision would come true in that pacifist response but it's a beautifully thought out tale of what might happen. Perhaps the resistance that these people worked out would work. I don't know. It's another option. I've been thinking about it a lot as we talk about the possibilities of another war.

I've purposely been a bit vague on the book. It's worth reading and Starhawk describes her world with far greater color than I could ever begin to describe it. Check it out.


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