Monday, March 06, 2006

Quiet Time

I love to read. I love to read garbage, mindless stuff that doesn't mean anything. I love the delights of an otherwise boring woman solving murder mysteries because she's nosey--isn't that sort of an interesting juxtaposition of images?

At any rate things like this relax me. So I read one of these delightful little books this evening. I had the television on and the people were annoying me. I finished the book and put it down and watched and found myself getting annoyed with what was happening.

I have cats. The cats were all sitting on me, washing, napping, looking. Watching them, they relaxed me. The people on the television being annoying didn't matter. The cats were there. I remember reading that having pets lowers blood pressure. There is something meditative about watching a cat wash. They are so methodical and to them, at that moment, nothing else seems to matter.

So I become cat like in my watching, and sometimes pointing out the missed spots because in that moment, nothing else seems to matter either.


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