Friday, January 13, 2006

Power versus Powerless

I know I've talked about powerlessness before but I think it's an important issue to remember. I was feeling powerless over an issue yesterday and I was angry and frustrated and in tears all because I couldn't make any sort of change. I was having to try and get my voice heard but everything seemed stuck for me at that point.

I can sit back and realize why I am frustrated and upset and while it might take the edge off that feeling, it doesn't always make it go away. I am struck by how we disempower people in the world though. If you are poor, what are your options? Such moments, which for me are just moments (or days or weeks), as I will get back to my level of empowerment and my ability to make changes in my world, cause me to realize why there is so much anger and frustration in the world. Imagine if I had to live my entire life that way, unempowered.

I think that anger and frustration should key our compassion for this is an individual who is no doubt feeling as if they have no power over their circumstances. Can we help? There's a good chance we can't, but maybe we can offer them compassion instead of being another obstacle. If they need to fight, let them fight with another person and perhaps we can walk away with our own peace in tact.


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