Monday, January 09, 2006

Something to Remember

I have heard a couple of different people point this out and it's easy to forget. We become so polarized over our views that it becomes easy to judge others. We always need to remember no matter what our views are, most people do not set out to be evil.

I suspect that even sociopaths don't set out to be evil. They are just unable to understand and empathize with others and their wants and needs can get in the way of acting as if they are empathic and caring, as other expect them to.

Normal humans are much more likely to be driven by love and acceptance. People start down a path and they see the only way out or the best way out as something that others may deem unacceptable. Still, they are motivated by some of the same things we are.

It's so important to remember our common humanity in trying to create peace. It seems so hard when others are so willing to fight. However it helps if we can understand and embrace those who want to fight or argue by acknowledging that they have many of the same needs. Perhaps by recognizing those underlying needs we can then communicate in ways that are effective, instead of feeling we have to resort to name calling.


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