Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spiritual Unity

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine the other day. He had it in his mind that a woman who called herself a Wiccan had put a spell on him and caused him untold misery, physical and mental over the years. He was feeling very much in a place where he was into blaming the other person. I mentioned that Wiccans normally didn't do that sort of thing because they believe in the three fold law, which means whatever you put out or onto someone else comes back to you in three.

I thought about that for awhile and realized something. Most people who find a religion for a true spiritual practice are searching to connect with a higher source or with something greater than themselves and ultimately, I guess that means to everything in the universe.

This brings me to an observation, how can anyone who is a true spiritual seeker consciously do harm to another living being? In fact, how do you even judge another person because each time we judge or make someone different from what we ourselves are, do we not work on dividing ourselves from another person or race? If we do, does this not set us back from our spiritual path?

So how then can people judge others, condemn them, refuse to listen to them and kill them all in the name of something that is a divine spiritual path? I use that generically for a reason. I think all spiritual paths are divine. I think they all work on bringing us closer to something beyond ourselves and can work on uniting. I think the message of how to do that has often gotten lost in the furor over who is right.

I think that as practitioners of whatever path we are on, we must remember that our actions speak to others. Our actions also speak to our heart. It is not just what we do to others but rather what we think and how we talk. Ultimately each divisive thought moves us backwards on the path to oneness that we seek. Just a thought for the day.


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