Thursday, December 29, 2005

Overheard at the Ski area

I heard an interesting comment while in the restroom of the ski resort today. A woman was lacing her boots and saying, "I took a handfull of advil and I'm hoping that if I start hurting I won't feel it."

I think that's an apt statement about the state of our world. So many of us aren't out to prevent hurts and right wrongs, but merely deaden ourselves to the feelings of hurt.

We see this when we allow our government to cut funds earmarked for the elderly and for those going to school. We see this when people wait for days to be rescued from New Orleans. We see this any time anyone in our town cries for help, for food, for comfort and we see and go on with our lives rather than helping out. We don't have to save the world, but we have to recognize the pain of the world.

Deadening our feelings doesn't create peace. We simply become out of touch with what's going on and can't have any real empathy for anyone because we can't even feel our own feelings. We need to stop deadening our feelings. Only then can we come to a place of authenticity where we can create true peace in ourselves and our world.


Blogger Cappa said...

Albeit, we fight well to hide our feelings, pain and anguish, the comment you heard at the ski resort, is not one made simply to "deaden ourselves to the feelings of hurt," but rather to ignore them and therefore not have to deal with them.

My point is that, in some form or fashion, we do what we can to ignore pain and suffering, and, in today's world, it is something mankind would like to do without.

Nevertheless, I share the same point of view as you do, to erase these feelings and merely experience the ones we intend to enjoy, would cheapen the value of life itself.

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