Friday, December 30, 2005

Overheard continued

I enjoyed Cappa's refining my post with his comment on yesterday's post.

We take things to keep from feeling so that we can keep doing what we want no matter what sort of pain it generates.

It's an interesting way of avoiding change.

I think that's also reflected in the backlash against the left. There are problems. There would be problems if the left had any power in this country. However, we don't want to have to change and fix things. We like our lives and we don't want to have to work to change them and make them better. Instead of changing things to make things better for more people, we complain about those who bring it to our attention. This is rather like the young woman taking the pain pills. In her mind, the problem wasn't the what the pain signaled, but the pain itself. So get rid of the symptom (or mask it) and then the problem (potentially a pulled muscle, torn ligament, whatever) doesn't exist and so maybe it will really go away. Sadly, what happens is that the problem gets worse and then it's harder to fix.

Change is hard. Acting to encourage change is also hard. However, it's only be looking more closely at the symptoms of problems that we can fix them in a way to create peace. Avoiding them and ignoring them can only create anxiety.


Blogger Cappa said...

Thanks for the response back,

You’re absolutely correct, change is hard, and perhaps the thought of a pill, a drink etc... To avoid and even deaden an unwanted experience, memory or even injury, would leave me to believe that perhaps people as a whole, have many issues that need to be addressed. Moreover, the courage, coupled with the need to heal ourselves must exist above all. Then and only then can these metaphorical cuts and bruises be mended and even, dare I say, made whole again.

Of course, much like everything else, time will tell.

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