Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fear and Change

I've written a lot about change. I think change is scary. It does create fear and we often don't want to do it, even if we know we should. How many people have New Year's resolutions out there and are struggling?

When we think of each day, do we picture something new and different or do we think more in terms of our routine. Even if we picture our life differently, do we really find ourselves doing different things or have we settled into a routine that resembles the one with our old life, only perhaps with a partner that understands us or with more money or success?

It's hard to embrace true and meanful change. To really create peace in ourselves, first we need to embrace the fear that that those changes can bring about. Fear is a hard one to embrace and sit with. However even acknowledging the presence of fear can go a long ways toward neutralizing it and making it our friend.

Fear is normal when we are in an uncertain situation. Running from it will only make it worse. We need to work with it. Only then can we work with those really big changes that we are so often striving to make within our lives.


Blogger LETS TALK said...

change is what we do everyday, but still, I like what you have to say. I think that we, as a part of Gods purpose should accept change and pray that it brings us more insight into what God wants us to be or do on this earth.

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