Monday, December 19, 2005

Why spy on peace activists?

I've been reading about the NSA doing illegal wiretaps on the citizens of the United States at the behest of the White House. One group targetted were peace activists. Well, of course I have something to say as this could include my phone.

First, a note to any NSA agents assigned to my phone: I'm sorry I don't have more exciting phone calls.

Second, why spy on peace activists? Peace activists may not like what the president is doing. We don't agree. We might be stand out with signs in protest. We vote, typically against administrations who take us into war. We educate people about why peace is a better choice. Most peace activists want peace.

In general most peace activists are not trying to forcably take down the government of their country. They are not selling military secrets, even if they happen to know some. This does not, in general, promote peace.

Everyone is asking the questions about the constitutionality of this move. Everyone is asking how far will this administration go chipping away at our rights as citizens. The final question I want to have addressed is: is this administration and our government so out of touch with concept of peace that they are even afraid of those of us who talk about it?


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