Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where Does it End?

I watched an older Bill Mahar the other night and I was intrigued by a comment made. They were discussingthe Iraq war. One man was saying that we (the US) shouldn't be in Iraq because we are creating a greater climate of hatred which can be used for any other Osama Bin Laden types out there. The other man, defending the US position, said that it's too late for that. I suppose he meant that the hate was already there so we had the right (and perhaps obligation) to add to it.

My question to that is, then how can this ever end? I mean the terror on 9/11 was started with a really hateful act. People died and it was horrible. The US was angry and afraid and grieving. We went to war over that and then we fought another war, creating the same anger and fear and saddness in other groups of people. To say we had no choice in this matter suggests that those other countries have no choice either doesn't it? It means that there is no choice but to go on hating more and more and more. The cesspool of hatred and fear only gets bigger.

If we don't stop hating, then why would anyone else?

Were does it stop?


Blogger Anne said...


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Blogger Zendo Deb said...

Nice sentiment, but it didn't start on 9/11.

It didn't even start on with the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.

It didn't start with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (via Truck Bomb).

The Khobi Towers, the Achille Loro in 1985.

Doing nothing (which is what we did after most of those incidents) only made the terrorists bolder.

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Blogger Bonnie said...

No it didn't start on 9/11. It is however the excuse we give for all these wars.

My question is not the justifiability of the war. The question is where does it end? The question is not what should we do, but rather where does the hatred of those who are "other than we are" end?

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