Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Energy and Illness

I'm an acupuncturist and we work with the body's energy. In acupuncture theory, the emotional energy has an effect on the body. For instance, if one has a headache, the day might seem more stressful. Alternatively, a very stressful day can bring on a headache. It doesn't matter which comes first. Have a headache usually means we have a harder time dealing with stress.

I have been talking about the way people toss around hateful words in this blog. I've mentioned the speaking respectfully before. I wonder how all those people who are speaking so hatefully feel? I'm not asking on an emotional level, though that would be a fair question, but I wonder about on a physical level.

Do they have chronic physical pain? Do they suffer from high blood pressure or liver disease? How do they feel when they sit down? What is it like to be so angry all the time?

Remember that being angry all the time and holding onto that anger does impact your health. Remember to take some time to slow down and nuture yourself. No matter what has gone on, each of us has a duty to ourselves to take care of ourselves and our body so that we can function optimally. That way when someone speaks hatefully to us, it's a bit easier (though perhaps rarely easy for some of us) to avoid speaking hatefully back.


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