Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What is our Impact?

Last night I was reading the Dalai Lama's new book and he mentioned that from childhood he was taught to always consider his actions so that he could act with compassion for all sentient beings.

What a difficult task that must be. I have to reflect on all the things we do because we must. We must work for this company during these hours to afford to live. We must commute for an hour, using gas and can't possibly use public transportation because... We must eat here because it's fast and it's cheap.

The answers sound like excuses when you look at the impact of the action. If that company is polluting or harming the world, why would we support it with our action of working there? If driving an hour causes us (and others) more stress and pollutes the world, then why do we do it? We do it because we have to, we answer.

But what if we didn't. What if no one did? Who would work for that company? Who would make those choices to drive like that? Where would our world be?

It's an interesting way to look at that question, isn't it?


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