Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thinking outside the box

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get stuck and are sure there is not a solution but if we keep looking at the problem from different angles, sometimes we can find one.

I find it frustrating to work with on my mac. It's very slow on Netscape and crashes Safari and I can't even log on on the old mac version of IE. I was working on netscape but got tired of the whole issue of waiting and waiting for it to come up.

My outside the box solution? Virtual PC and IE from there. It's not an ideal situation. V PC is slow and I feel more at risk for virus problems. However I can get here and I can post photos on my other blog and it doesn't take forever for the blog to get republished. Yeah, it's not perfect but it's a better solution than what I had before.

Sometimes the solution is there but we have lots of reasons why it can't be used so we don't try it. Sometimes we need to open our minds and move on. I'll keep looking for a mac platform that works better with blogger (maybe firefox?) but for now this is the best solution. That's another piece--we should always remember that decisions are made at a specific time and can always be changed as we learn new things. Getting ourselves locked into a certain way of doing things can often be part of the problem.

Let's go out and try and be creative, okay?


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