Sunday, September 11, 2005

How Can We Change?

I have to admit to being intrigued by the latest polical blogs calling for change. We do need change. There is a huge division between the rich people who have and the poor who don't have. Do we need to do it in hatred or in the understanding that our dissatisfaction means that fundamental things need to change.

There are huge numbers of people unhappy with the way the United States is being run. If we run off and say we need to toss everything, get rid of this person and that person, we don't make real change, but merely put in place the government that serves us and our needs for the moment. We need some sort of long term well thought out change. I don't have the answers to what that looks like and what looks good to me may not look good to someone else.

However as we find ourselves in places of dissatisfaction, we need to look at why we are outraged or why we are bothered by what is happening. What exactly does need to change. How can we speak out peacefully to find commonalities with others who want to make those changes? If we can all come together and find what it is we really want instead of just saying that the other side is wrong to want what they want, then maybe we can actually effect some real change.


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