Friday, December 09, 2005

True to Yourself

You can't have peace if you can't be true to who you are. You need to listen to your internal wisdom, no matter what it tells you.

I've been relearning this lesson lately. I have a bad feeling about a potential real estate purchase and I've finally decided to stop thinking that I am just bothered because this is new. I have spent some money educating myself. In fact, I've spend more than I would like and mostly what I have learned is that my gut is correct. I don't regret learning that as I might have wondered "what if" if I had just listened and walked away. There's still a way to potentially make this happen, but I find myself very uncomfortable.

I have finally decided just this evening that the nausea that I feel thinking about this is not worth it. There are other places for sale. I can find one of them and I will.

As everyone has been telling me, I need to listen to my gut. Peace comes from inside but if we draw in things into our lives that aren't in harmony with who we are, then we'll have more trouble accessing that still place inside ourselves where find peace.


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