Sunday, December 11, 2005


I might have posted something to this effect earlier, but it's something that gets me this time of year regularly. I found myself angry at my shower door for not working properly. It does this sometimes and it's something that I'll need to repair at some point but for now, it mostly works and mostly I have no trouble making it open and close. Not so this evening.

I found myself reflecting on the fact that this took a moment of time that I wanted to myself and didn't have. I have overbooked myself for many things this season and I have no time to look forward to having a few hours to just mindlessly surf, read or blog. Everything is crammed in. Instead of having an hour or so to think about what I want to write, I composed much of this in the shower and am writing it now. Last week I found myself cramming in several sessions of writing into one and then just editing them on days that I was too busy. I don't like working like that.

I have to realize that somethings will have to go this season. I may not want them to but there are other things that are more time sensitive. I need to remember how grumpy not slowing down makes me. This time it was just the shower door and I have no real personal attachment to the door. What happens if in a moment of stress I share that with another human being--either someone close to me personally or just someone in the wrong line in front of me at the wrong time? It doesn't create peace.

I know I don't need the time every day--at least not right now but I do need to know some time for myself is coming up and soon so I can get the stuff done that I want to get done. I need to rearrange.

Peace to everyone and remember that sometimes grumpiness is a reminder to take some time for yourself.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Well said! I also have been living under the crunch of time and scheduling. I feel like my life is so crazy busy that even time for conscious breath is hurried. The Stoics suggested that we can only control what is in our control and to learn to accept what is not in our control. I try to do this when I am so busy that I tend to get angry when, for example, I am behind a slow driver. It is hard to let go of control. Your thought on not trying to do everything is a good idea and one that will help create and spread peace both personal and public. downtime=good! LOL R

9:47 AM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

I hope you find that time to rejuvenate yourself. Peace and thanks for the visit.

8:08 PM  

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